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Welcome to Catontech home of business and web developer and software engineer .
We develop software for businesses that includes the following features.
  1. On site consulting and needs assessment. We maintain an ongoing communication with you and develop a solution to fit your needs.
  2. Web Architecture - You can access your software and data from anywhere.
  3. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop Accessible - Accessible through most any smart device.
  4. Data acquisition - We obtain and collect the data you need.
  5. Decision Support Systems - We provide context sensitive information that enables you to make the best choices.
  6. Minimum viable product, lean production methodolgy - We utilize a build measure learn system that keeps us on track toward meeting your needs.
Thanks for visiting. We look forward to hearing from you.
- Joel
Web 2.0, High Tech - High Touch, Cloud Based Systems, Sales Funnel Processes, Custom Solution Development, AJAX, LAMP, Desktop and Mobile device support. Free up your time with Catontech Tools


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