Creating Subliminal Messages For Neural Reconditioning Using Audacity

Neural Reconditioning, that is the concious retraining your unconscious mind to focus on environmental sensory observations and memories to obtain new targeted behaviours and objectives, can be achieved by creating vision boards, crafting statements of self affirmation, meditation, and subliminal messages. Today we are going to talk about a method you can use to create subliminal messages for this purpose.

Steps to creating subliminal messages with audacity:

  • Write your affirmation statements down on paper and review them. Go over them several times, refining them into statements that really define the person you want to be and what you are accomplishing as that person. Statements should be in the present tense and should contain only positive affirmations expressed in a clear focused and detailed expression. The point is to state your desired situation, that being what you want to become and want to do, as though it is. Avoid stating what you do not want as you do not want to reinforce those thoughts. For example, if you want to reduce worry, state that you are a calm person that focuses on the many great opportunities in your life. While this may not seem true at the time you are stating it, the unconscious mind will began to focus on the opportunities once you set this statement in place. When worries pop up in your concious mind repeat this phrase to yourself. This will reinforce this belief in your unconscious mind causing it to bring to your concious awareness observations and memories reinforcing the belief. Over time your new focus will cause this belief to become reality.
  • Record your statements using a device that creates a file supported by audacity (eg. .wav, .mp3, .ogg etc). You can use audacity with a microphone for this, your cell phone, or any recording device that supports file transfer.
  • Choose a sound track that you enjoy and find relaxing and convert it to a file format supported by audacity. VLC is a good tool to use for conversion.
  • Launch Audacity.
  • Open the sound track file with Audacity.
  • Import the audio track of your recording with Audacity.
  • Highlight (select) the track of your recording by clicking on it and dragging your cursor to the right over until the entire track is selected.
  • Choose the Amplify Effect from the Effects menu and reduce the volume of recording track to a level which is scarcely audible.
  • Test the recording by clicking on the beginning of the sound track. This should release the highlighted selected area of the recording track and place the cursor at the beginning of the tracks. Now pressing play. If you cannot hear the recording track of your voice stating your affirmation then you’ve got the volume just right, if not repeat the selection process and reduce the volume a little more.

Video of this process forthcoming.

Please see the following disclaimer at the bottom of this article.

Looking forward to your comments.

Joel Caton

Please bear in mind that I’m not a licensed psychologist or medical doctor and make no such claims, and that you are solely responsible for your actions their results. Furthermore, this guide is intended for those who are interested in using subliminal messages on themselves for self improvement. Studies have shown that these messages cannot be used to make someone do something that they don’t want do.

Author: Joel Caton

Business Consultant and Web Developer from Meridian, MS

5 thoughts on “Creating Subliminal Messages For Neural Reconditioning Using Audacity”

  1. This sounds like an interesting experiment. Like scientists making genetic mutant rats with a human ear, or mice with green and blue fur to prove that they can change some gene. Similarly, there should be some easily recognizable mental task to modify. One thing would be to try a logic task like addition. One could say two plus two equals five over and over and eventually they might start to believe it. But that isn’t something a normal mind would willing cooperate with. How about holding your breath? People usually can’t hold their breath as long if they are stressing because they use more oxygen. One could experiment with telling oneself that they are calm and test the effects by timing how long one holds ones breath. From googling the average time that a human can hold their breath is two minutes.

    1. Good observations. I would primarily advocate the use of these messages to help one become better focused on the tasks and goals that they want to achieve rather then the onset of a departure from reality. The awesome thing about the human mind is that it seems to find what it is looking for. This is done by the unconscious mind as it observes things in it’s environment. We often make decisions with our concious mind about things we are going to do only to find that after a few days we didn’t do what we set out to do. We most often become distracted by things which grab our attention causing us to loose focus. Using methods like vision boards, focusing our thoughts by writing statements of self affirmation, and repeatedly immersing ourselves in these goals by reviewing them everyday and feeding them directly to the unconscious mind through subliminal messages causes our unconscious mind to change its focus and find the things in the environment which make the stated goal true thus enabling us to do things that we set out to do without becoming so easily encumbered. The concious mind has only a fraction of the power of observation that the unconscious mind has, and it can’t multi task nearly as well.

      Thanks again for the feedback.
      – Joel

  2. These subliminal tracks can work quite well for things you want or need to change. The don’t seem to have much of an effect otherwise. The effect is relatively short term, so for a lasting effect repetitive listening is required.

    A feature the instructions don’t mention that tends to make a better track is adjusting the volume of the affirmation track to match the volume changes in the music track. This helps to keep the affirmations just below the threshold of hearing for the conscious mind. I’m not sure if audacity has such a function. I’ve seen it on other packages.


    1. Good observations Richard… You are correct. The messages could be improved by varying the volume of the affirmations in accordance with the music. If I find a way to do this I’ll post it here.

      Thanks for the advice.

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