TWiki for a dynamic Company Operations Manual

This article is an overview of the TWiki system with an emphasis on usage as an intranet and Company Operations Manual. A small business can benefit by having such a system in several ways :

  • share knowledge and overlap responsibilities
  • document experience and improve processes
  • identify and facilitate process automation

A Company Operations Manual seeks to codify the processes that the company’s operation depends upon. It must

  • be simple to use/extend
  • be easy to navigate
  • have properties that facilitate improvement and revision
  • allow compartmentalization

TWiki fits each of these needs abundantly. It is by nature a system designed for ease of input. Concepts such as WikiWords and WebNotify allow for quick navigation by facilitating linkages among the various processes and automatically prompting personnel when processes of interest are updated. There are plugins that can keep statistics on how frequently topics are used. This allows identification of processes that would be good candidates for automation (high usage) and those that could be improved or deleted (low usage). TWiki also has built-in support for access control via group membership. This coupled with good design can simply the process of restricting auditors, contractors, and guests to areas of their focus, expertise, or clearance.

In small business there are fewer hands, and the processes and policys must be correspondingly light-weight. A dynamic, intranet-based Company Operations Manual is one way to achieve this necessary business requirement.