MS Biodiesel Site Development

Rolling out the MS Biodiesel Web Site!

I’ve been talking with Bob Glenn about a bio diesel venture for several months now.  He has been involved in two prior bio diesel ventures in the past, one which was very successful and one which ended in a tragic manner as Bob discovered he had what should have been terminal cancer.  Bob is an experienced business man and machinist and a tough and resilient cancer survivor with a vision for the future.  He believes that we can create energy sources from waste products that are being thrown in landfills.  Together we are launching to promote biodiesel production in the State of Mississippi and the Southeastern United States.

Join us as we create an online hub of resources for the promotion and production of Bio Diesel from waste stream materials.  We’ll be posting video content, links, and other resources on the site that showcase and explain methods and technologies available to small and midsize bio diesel producers.  We look forward to seeing you there.

– Joel

Author: Joel Caton

Business Consultant and Web Developer from Meridian, MS

2 thoughts on “MS Biodiesel Site Development”

  1. I have not previously heard of Bob Glenn, but he seems to have a great plan here! The idea of using of waste materials as a gasoline strikes a great idea and great solution to this worry that everyone has about nonrenewable resources being eroded away in the coming years. Using waste materials as a gasoline would help the environment erode away landfills rather than oil!

    Great idea, and good luck with the promotions. 🙂

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