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Targeting your customers

Traditionally marketing has been done using a shotgun method in which mass media such as print, radio, or TV advertising was used to inform a population of possible potential customers of the offerings you had available and communicate value.  Those methods communicated the same message to everyone.  Here’s what we have, when we have it, where we have it, and the price. Everybody got notified of the same deal.  However everybody does not appreciate the same deal in the same ways so traditional methods didn’t do so great at connecting on an individual level.  Loyalty Targeted Advertising System

Enter the days of web marketing and peer to peer communication.  Now it is possible to communicate directly with a given customer with a customized offer that he or she will appreciate.  To do this you’ll want to identify the type of customer you are dealing with.  We’ve listed six different types of customers that you’ll meet on a daily basis.  While this list is in no way complete look at it and see if you can identify some of your customers.

Loyal Repeat Customers:

These customers are the core of your business being repeat buyers with a strong interest and buy in into your brand.  Loyal customer typically following Pareto’s Principle numbering no more then twenty percent of the total customers and producing eighty percent of the sales for an organization.  Loyal customers typically expect you to consistently maintain your methods and level of service and product offerings and to acknowledge them on an individual basis as an integral part of the business.

Discount Customers:

These customers are looking for a deal.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve got it or the business down the street has it.  They will go with the lowest price.  While it is possible to grow sales and even make money off this type of customer, it is important to remember that they are loyal to one thing:  The perceived discount that they are getting from the regular price.  You may be able to get this type of customer to brag about the deal they found at your place, but unless your brand is discount, you won’t be able to build much brand loyalty with them.

Social Customers:

Social customer patronize businesses that make them feel connected.  Oftentimes they make their choices based off of the recommendation of their friends.  If their friends recommend you then that’s great, but you’ll need to personally connect with this customer to convert them to a loyal customer or you’ll lose them when their friends recommend someone else.

Impulse Customers:

At times these customers don’t exhibit strong brand loyalties.  They like to shop impulsively and purchase products and services that meet their perceived immediate wants or needs.  Getting information to this customer in a timely manner is crucial if you want their business and you can build a brand with them if you can forecast their needs accurately and communicate.

The Curmudgeon

This customer can’t be pleased.  He or she behaves if doing business with you is just a big favor they are performing for you because you really don’t offer enough value to be worth their time.  There is a genuine difference between these customers and loyal customers with a legitimate complaint.  The loyal customers satisfaction will increase when they state there is a problem and you correct it.  On the other hand the curmudgeon will simply find something else to complain about.  It is very difficult to build a brand with this type of customer as they are never happy and cannot give positive referrals.  Occasionally this type of customer can be converted into a loyal customer if the business takes enough time to develop a relationship that transcends the personal issues the curmudgeon has.

The con artist complainer

This customer knows how to exploit your business to gain an advantage and will often engage your business in complaint sessions that play on your desire to satisfy them through “good customer service”.  It becomes easier to differentiate this type of customer from a loyal customer if you have well defined customer service practices and can focus in on the details of what they are saying the problem and desired solution should be.  He or she will generally not be happy with anything that you offer until you propose a solution that is a win for them and a loss for your business. Furthermore this type of customer often targets employees at different levels in the business hierarchy or employees in different departments for repeat complaint sessions to maximize the benefit your misdirected customer service attempts will afford them.  Failure to identify this type of customer can result in damage to the brand, demoralization of your employees, and financial loss.

The Loyalty Project

We won’t take up a lot of your time detailing how the tools we give you for targeting your customers with the Loyalty Project, but if you saw some of your customers in the list above and would like to target them specifically we’d love to hear from you.  We are currently beta testing of our project and are looking for partners that would like to grow their business through intelligent marketing.  We’d love to have a conversation with you about this topic.

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Author: Joel Caton

Business Consultant and Web Developer from Meridian, MS