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Using the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder with Linux

The Olympus Digital Voice Recorder model VN-960PC does not come with any linux support whatsoever. You may install the software that comes with the unit using Wine, but it still will not be able to get files from the device using the usb cable.

Fortunately there is an open source solution to this problem. ODVR is hosted on Google and can be found here:

The project was developed for the Ubuntu environment, but I’ve found that it was easy to install it on other distributions by:

download the source code,

review the instructions in the readme,

install the needed dependencies libraries using yum,

compile and install the software.

I compiled this on Fedora 12 and placed a launcher for it on my desktop. I use it with audacity to do audio mixing. It works great.

Here’s the link should you desire to install this on a fedora machine:

Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

– Joel

If you’re installing this on an ubuntu based machine or would like to talk to someone elses who has used this software with other Olympus devices go here:

Replacing Windows – And Saving Money

A couple years ago I set out to totally replace Windows as my operating system of choice. I wanted to use Linux and open source software for everything I needed on the PC. Two years later I’m happy to announce that I’ve mostly reached that goal with the exception of tax preparation software, I’m using Linux and open source software for the following tasks.

Word Processing: Open Office

Spreadsheets: Open Office Database: Mysql, phpmyadmin

Web Browsing: Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and others.

Email: Thunderbird Audio Processing: Audacity

Audio Ripping: VLC

Video Viewing: Adobe Flash, VLC, Xine, Media Player

Software Development – Web Development: NetBeans IDE, Eclipse, Cssed and others.

Remote Desktop: Gnome-RDP, Tight-VNC Viewer, SSH

Remote Administration: Webmin

Gaming: SpringLobby – RTS, PlaneShift – RPG

This list is far from complete. I’ve found that no matter what the task or objective, with a little research, I can find an open source project that other people in the community are working on and use it to solve my problems. I can’t imagine ever going back to Windows and paying for functionality again. – Joel